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Student Online Resources

Welcome to the United ISD’s Engaged In Learning Hub!

Learning can happen anywhere and at any time!

United ISD is committed to our goal of 100% of our students being exceptionally prepared for college, career and citizenship.  With this goal in mind, and as we navigate an unprecedented period of disruption to our traditional learning environment, we believe learning can happen anywhere and at any time! 

We are asking all students to engage in at-home learning activities during the school closure.  Pre-kindergarten through second grade students will likely need some assistance from parents and guardians.  To assist our families, the District has created this Engaged Learning Hub filled with recommended resources for all grade levels.  We are preparing additional resources that will be added to the site throughout the school closure. To get started, please select the appropriate grade level below.

Instructional Packets are being distributed at the Grab and Go Meal campus hubs.  Students will use packet lessons OR online materials, not both.

Parents should help students do the following:

  • Schedule a specific time each day to access the Engaged Learning Hub,
  • Eliminate distractions when accessing resources on the hub so that students are fully engaged, and
  • Find a quiet place to work and give the at-home learning the same level of attention normally given during traditional in-class experiences. 

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