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Records Management FAQs

1. How is it determine how long you are to keep records?

United I.S.D.’s board of trustee approved a record retention schedule and was filed with the State Library & Archives Commission. Therefore each record has a certain retention period which is found in our “RECORDS RETENTION SCHEDULE”.

2. How often do you destroy records?

Twice a year. We send out letters to each record holder that certain records have met there retention period.

3. The school year has ended, what are the procedures for records pickup?

The records must be in a standard letter/legal (small) storage box. If you need boxes request them from the record management department. They must be labeled as to what is in each box. You do not put different types of records in the same box. For instance Teacher grade books with student records as each has a different retention period. Also you do not combine school years in a box. That could cause a record not being kept for its retention period. Once you have done this there is a form to be filled out. You can have this form deliver at the same time any boxes are delivered. Once you fill out the form call the Records Management Department to schedule the boxes to be pickup.

4. What are the procedures if I am requesting a record:

You must have certain information available when requesting the information. The request can be e-mailed to Roy Gonzalez at or Servando Peña at

  • Department name
  • Record year
  • Record name
  • Student or Employee name
  • Date of birth
  • Social Security
  • Position: such as Professional, Paraprofessional or Auxiliary.

5. How do we know which records to keep?

All records must be kept, according to our records retention schedule. If your record is not listed then you must notify the record management office that your record is not listed. We will assist you in finding a retention period and updating the retention schedule.

6. Does it matter what type of boxes we use to store records?

Yes, we can provide you with the proper storage boxes. Just notify and schedule delivery. These boxes are used only to send files to records management department. We require special size box in order to utilize the space in our warehouse.

7. Should we label the boxes?

Yes, all boxes must have the following:

  1. School/Department
  2. Type of Record
  3. Record Year
  4. Box # (Number)

8. Do we have to fill out any paperwork for the boxes to be pick-up?

Yes, there is a form that needs to be filled out. You can obtain the form at the Record Management Office or it can be sent through the pony. The form is 2 ply. The original or White sheet goes to Records Management Department and the Yellow is for your records.

9. How do you keep inventory of the records received and are able to locate when requested?

Each box of records is logged in by department, record name, and record year on our Itrax Database System. They are then issued a box number and shelf location. We are able to search by department, record name to find the record needed. By getting the box number and shelf location we are able retrieve the file or record needed. When the record has met its retention period then it's assigned a destruction date. We recycle all paper products.

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